In what many witnesses described as one of the most heart-touching moments of Dr Machar’s visit to Juba since escaping death for the second time, Pres. Salva Kiir walked hand-in-hand with Machar as he slowly guided Dr Machar through the 2016 J1 battlefield where hundreds of soldiers from both sides perished.

According to close advisors of the both President and his longtime antagonist and career rebel-leader Dr Machar, the tour was a necessary exercise to demonstrate and instil in them the undeniable fact that they are the only two people in the whole of South Sudan capable of sacrificing thousands of souls to keep them in power.

No press or cameras were allowed to capture the 74-minutes long sacred and heart-touching moments, but witnesses told Saakam that at some stops during the tour the two would pause as the President appeared to explain what happened at that particular spot on that fateful day that has solidified the nature of who they are.

On July 8th 2016, while Pres Kiir and Dr Machar were holding talks at the statehouse (J1), fighting that later became to be known as “the J1 dogfight” erupted between the bodyguards of the two who struggle furiously to take or keep control of the statehouse. When the fight ended hours later, hundreds of dead bodies could be seen everywhere in and outside the compound.

This is the first time Dr Machar gets to see the grounds where selfless Southern Sudanese souls shed their blood and sacrificed their lives so that the two of them and elites could continue to selfishly play the game of thrones.

Since the J1 dogfight, Pres Kiir has left some parts of the statehouse un-renovated like it was the day after the dogfight. Various Presidential guests and visitors to the statehouse have received the J1 dogfight tour with Pres Kiir mostly being the tour guide.

Saakam was unable to reach any of the spokespersons for comments on the sacred tour, but as always, Saakam will keep you informed when and if there are updates.