Oprah Winfrey has been named the new Special Advisor to South Sudan or SASS for short…

This diplomatic move comes as a total surprise to many especially after years of what appeared to be Trump’s complete lack of interest in what took place in the world’s newest nation.

Ms. Winfrey’s mandate, according to the Press Statement received by Saakam Central, includes regular ‘counselling’ in the form of diplomatic meetings with leaders of the troubled nation. No audience or TV crew are expected to be present during these sessions, but US State Department believes this approach (with Ms. Winfrey at the steering wheel) will yield bountiful results for all stakeholders.

The news of the appointment of the much-loved American multi-millionaire, with assets in the billions, is being received with great appreciation and anticipation. According to Gordon Buay, a South Sudanese diplomat at the Embassy in the US, Ms. Winfrey’s coming to South Sudan proves that not only God but Trump too, loves South Sudan. He went on to say God and Trump will bring all of the most powerful leaders in the world to recognize and bend the knee to none other than Pres. Salva Kiir Mayardit – an undeniable fact, according to him, that his President is not going nowhere anytime soon.

“It is with great pleasure that we accept and welcome Oprah Winfrey to South Sudan. Her mandate to listen and talk to our leaders is a welcome diplomatic chess move. But, let me be clear… if she starts trying to go out of the way and try to change how our women think like she did in her shows, then that is a red line that will get her deported…”, said Mr.Buay.

Privately Oprah has commented to friends that she is elated with her new position and looks forward to really making a difference in a country just finding its feet.  As this is a breaking news story, Saakam will keep you posted on any further updates as they happen.