Dr Luka Biong has openly declared that the Juba regime under Pres. Kiir has won the war. The SPLM-IO and all the other opposition groups have no other option but to suck up to this bitter fact, come running back to Juba and ask to be pardoned by the invincible President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Dr Biong, a former minister and an academic who (by his own words) “got deported from his own country”, posted the declaration on his Facebook wall a few days ago.

“It is clear that Juba has won war and SPLM-IO and other opposition groups will have no any other option but to accept this bitter reality. The SPLM-IO and other opposition groups will have no any other option except to work with Juba within the context of the fragile peace agreement.”

The declaration entitled “Juba May Win War But Not Peace” goes on to suggest a few recommendations on how Juba could as well win the peace if it wanted to.

But with war raging in the Equatorias and some parts of Greater Bahr El Ghazal, many question the methodology the former minister used to reach to his declaration.

“I thought it was the Ugandans who mainly fought the SPLM-IO, and that war ended not on the battlefield with Kiir winning but it ended with a peace agreement… “, said one reader.

“Does Luka Biong know or even care that there are still refugees fleeing their homes today as out of fear of these forces of Kiir who he calls victorious? This only shows the political elite like Luka Biong are ready to go back to Juba, occupy a ministerial post and continue doing business as usual… that is peace according to him”

Given the peace and quiet in Juba is being read as the war is over by the elite, Saakam will keep you updated if or when this changes. In the meantime, the thousands who continue to flee their homes will have to disagree with Dr Biong.