Self-proclaimed ‘blessed-by-Jesus’ billionaire Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Junior – aka as Young Tycoon – has issued a third press release clarifying that he is “not a Billionaire. In Dinka, that word does not exist. It is confusing… no one has ever had a billion cows!”

The statement comes after a couple of denials and retractions of statements previously made be the ‘Young tycoon’. One such claim was that he is the step-son of former SPLA Chief of General Staff Paul Malong. He has come out to say he’s never heard the word “step-son” as it does not exist in his language and calling someone as independent as he is a step-son of another can be offensive.

“What does step-son even mean… I am Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Junior… I am not a “son” of Malong Awan, nor is he or was he ever a “step” in my growth and success….