Two senior SPLM-IO commanders exposed earlier last week have arrived in Abba in the Democratic Republic of Congo this week to consult with multiple Congolese Juju men. The SPLM-IO governor of Yei River state businessman Major General Frank Matata and middleman Lam Gabriel said they are in Congo to get the necessary charms that will protect them from the anger of Ngundeng in light of the undercover exposé reporting by documentary team members.

According to the exposed duo, their consultations with the Congolese Juju men (the very best in the region) will also help shield them from those who want to destroy them like Thomas Cirilo and his NAS movement.

“We are here to get the best protection so that our chairman Dr. Riek Machar does not dismiss us from the movement. We are not corrupt! We need people to know that John Allan was sent by NAS of Thomas Cirilo.’’ Middleman Lam Gabriel said.

A Kenyan investigative journalist John Allan Namu duped the two SPLM-IO military officials that he was an investor who would like to buy 20 trucks of teak wood from South Sudan.

Businessman Frank Matata and middleman Lam Gabriel were caught on camera discussing trade deals worth in excess of $90,000 USD, with an additional $30,000 USD as an “appreciation”, aka bribe, to help get the wood into Uganda.

Lam admitted on camera that he can facilitate truckloads of teak into Uganda using custom documents from the government of South Sudan. And the ‘bribe’ he was asking, Lam claims, was to pay others in Juba to get proper papers, and some officers in Uganda to get the teak through.

The documentary series entitled The Profiteers has raised a lot of discussion on social media among the South Sudanese.  Kenyan Television Network (KTN) was supposed to air the contentious documentary, but the day before Uhuru Kenyatta ordered KTN to not broadcast it, so it was made available on Youtube instead.

The SPLM-IO middleman told Sakaam that the documentary is fake and is produced by enemies of Riek Machar.

In his social media offensive Lam Gabiel’s Facebook video appears to have contradicted what he told the Kenya investigative journalist John Allan Namu.

Whilst SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar is yet to make a public statement about the documentary, SPLM-IO Governor and gold dealer Nathaniel Oyet praised Lam and Frank for apparently looting teak from Yei River State.