President Salva Kiir has declared a period of one month of mourning following the death of the Transitional Government of National Unity or TGoNU as it’s more commonly known. Flags will be flown at half-mast and to end the mourning period a solemn ceremony will be held on the last day where a coffin full with pretend money symbolic of what has been achieved during this period and it will be buried next to our founder in chief John Garang.

The President also told SPLA-IO-IG ministers who are also disciples of the First Vice President Taban Deng (birth name Mohammed Hassab), to prepare for the worst.

“Inu Riek Machar is coming back…. I have no powers to stop him from returning to Juba, at least I tried (via Malong to eliminate him) and via IGAD to exile him, but, in July 2016, you (SPLM-IO-IG) told me that inu Taban has soldiers and that Machar will never come back.

“Ok, I believed you and appointed Taban Deng as my assistant. This  same Taban has not done anything. He is busy instructing the minister of petroleum to sign oyul (Oil) deals with companies. Is that what you came here to do ya Taban?”

The President told the disciples of Taban Deng to either join the SPLM mainstream or risk being arrested by the Regional Protection Forces (RPF) who will take over the security of Juba town in June. Kiir is rumoured to have instructed his 43 member delegation traveling to Addis to sign a peace agreement without any conditions.

“This deal is dead… even Taban zatu can be arrested,” the President told the ‘Tabaneen’ – discipines of Taban.

“If you don’t surrender to my party, I will not be able to protect you at all from the forces of the opposition!”

The First Vice President Taban Deng who looked visibly worried told his ministers to implement the orders from President Kiir: ‘’As you all know, unfortunately Machar is still alive. We have tried our best to displace him, but he survived through the help of Kawajat from UN who put him on the plane to Khartoum. The jalaba treated him and he was released. We worked with IGAD countries to put him under house arrest. This same kawajat forced IGAD to release him. There is nothing we can do now. Like you heard, Pres. Kiir also tried via Malong, but nothing happened after he (Malong) took the $5 million…”

Taban said he will send his office manager Adil Sandrei to fly to Maridi and consult oracles to protect SPLM IO Taban disciples: ‘For us, we will try all other means to protect ourselves. Adil, my office manager and messenger knows all the witches in Maridi. We are going to send him on a mission to consult the witchdoctors about our fate. We don’t trust Machar at all.’

The First Vice President Taban Deng who looked visibly worried told his ministers to implement the orders of the President Kiir

President Kiir is also believed to have chartered a plane to bring Beny Akols also known as spear masters from Bahr el Ghazal to protect J1 – the Presidential Palace – from any potential attacks from the opposition forces returning to Juba from Addis Ababa. He said he will also ask church leaders to come and pray at J1 to cleanse the palace from evil spirit.

@Saa_kam reached out to leaders of the South Sudan Islamic Council of Churches for comments on Kiir’s request, but they declined to comment. However, an outspoken church leader in Juba who does not want his name to be mentioned told our reporter @Saa_kam,

‘’Praying at J1 is like hearing the devil singing the Amazing Grace.”

More to follow, as the talking about peace turns into an agreement about peace which in turn might lead to peace and quiet in South Sudan.