The acting head of mission at the South Sudan Embassy in the United States, Ambassador Gordon Buay has rebelled and declared his allegiance to Dr. Machar SPLM-IO after President Kiir’s administration in Juba failed to officially promote and hand him the highly contested position of Ambassador to the USA which he says he has earned.

Speaking from an undisclosed position in Canada where he has been hiding since deserting his position in Washington a few days ago, Ambassador Buay, an ex-staunch supporter the President, proclaimed that President ‘Slave’-a Kiir is not more than an “un-appreciative, heartless cowboy who does not value loyalty but instead rewards rebellions, corruption and incompetence.”

“Who else has done more than me, myself and I – Ambassador Gordon Buay – in protecting and lobbying for this Pres Kiir here in the West? But instead he (Pres. Kiir) takes my efforts for granted and brings not even someone from Warrap, but an Equatorian from I do not know where to come fill a post I have been working towards, and has earned, for as long as I know… I have been covering for him, Some will even say that I have even committed genocide against masses of truths for this man, and this is how he rewards loyalty…”

He went on to list some of his achievements.

“It was me, Ambassador Gordon Buay who exposed the former and now disgraced Ambassador Garang Ding to Pres. Kiir after I disclosed and told the President – in an 8 hours long meeting in Juba – that the Ambassador was a Malong apologist implementing Malong’s policy right here in the West, praising Malong in meetings with the Kawajat (White people) and using the salaries of our drivers and cooks, and money from the visas to support Malong,”

South Sudan recalled its ambassador to the United States in February after U.S imposed arms restrictions on South Sudan. Buay said he advised President Kiir to fire the then Ambassador Garang. A few days ago, Juba named Ambassador Philip Jada (formerly based in South Africa) as the new South Sudan Ambassador to the US – an act that Buay reportedly took offence of and fled into hiding in Canada where he made his feeling known.

‘’Because of that I have decide to rebel and join Dr. Riek Machar who will be returning to Juba very soon. I will work with Machar to ensure that Nuer prophecy is fulfilled. With Taban Deng dissolved and diluted into Kiir’s SPLM pot, Dr. Riek Machar is the only one now who can restore the status of people like myself….’’

Buay, who is popular for prostituting his political alliances, once toppled President Kiir on a YouTube video (see clip below). Visibly drunk, Buay appeared on a video announcing that he has toppled the government of President Kiir. The video went viral and Buay was forced to apologize to President during a traditional national-dialogue-style re-conciliatory meeting in J-1 where both were required to say “Cheers!” and drink a traditional cocktail of Johnny Walker and cow urine – a delicacy only served to seal VIP deals and proof that both parties and observing witnesses would observe and honour the deal.

Saakam was unable to reach Juba on all their Nile-tel telephone numbers.

Buay’s treason video