The new alliance of opposition forces has filed a strong worded complaint with IGAD – the regional body trying to mediate a peaceful settlement in the world’s newest nation – accusing the government in Juba of another ceasefire violation after a series of seemingly non-violation associated but highly damaging attacks launched by Juba against interests directly and indirectly related to the members of their group.

According to the confidential complaint that Saakam has seen, the shutdown of Vivacell, one of the biggest telecom networks in the country and the demand to disassociate itself from Pag’an Amum – a prominent member of the Former Detainee (FDs) group-  is a hostile attack against the FDs – and that amounts to a violation according to the complaint.

The four-page letter also mentions the chopping down of Governor Bokosoro’s timber forest in Western Equatoria; the mass-slaughter of Thomas Cirillo’s pigs in his farm South-East of Juba; the closure of some Dr. Garang International Schools and demand to have Madam Rebecca, Garang’s widow, come to Juba in person to renew the licence; and stripping from our very own national curriculum of Dr. Lam Akol’s ground-breaking and proven theory of a 100 degrees right angle mathematical rule, to name but a few examples.

“The Kiir regime is clearly anti-peace as it has now resorted to going after the hard-won personal businesses, assets and sacred resources of our members. This is a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement. They attack these interests and spread proganda… and I do not mean pro-Pagan agenda… anyway, these are all acts of war and for that reason only we want to let IGAD know that we are not happy…” said a representative of the group.

It was long suspected that there was more to the targeting and immediate closure of Vivacell, which, in the absence of publicly available data, many had suspected was linked to the Former Detainees and to Pagan Amum himself.  But the Kiir regime had always denied that until a new report suggested that an ultimatum was placed to the telecom giant to disassociate itself from Mr. Amum if it wanted to continue to operate in the country.

To prove the connection with the telecom company, Pagan came out and refuted the claims that Vivacell had not been paying taxes leaving all the other mere mortals to conclude that the South Sudan version of the Game of Thrones was on season 8.

The complaint to IGAD did not mention whether the group will pull out of the next High Level Forum talks about to kick off, and also they did not mention how they intend to counter these “violations”.

As always, Saakam – your trusted source of news reports like it never happened – will keep you updated as the rich battle it out to save their pickings whilst the average life expectancy and the rate of child mortality in the world’s newest nation continues to free-fall faster than the South Sudanese Pound.