A few women MPs at the National Legislative Council (NLC) have expressed their outrage upon discovery of a semi-secretive financial scheme known as the ‘second wife allowance’ that grants financial benefits to their bigamous and polygamous male colleagues and are calling for the immediate castration of this male-only allowance – Saakam has learned.

According to a recent financial report the scheme cherished by most of the South Sudan’s male MPs at the National Legislative Assembly has eaten a mammoth US$12.3 million from the coffers of the national treasure since independence.

But according to the female spokesman of this outraged group, the shameful inequity needs to stop or it has to be corrected with a like-for-like alternative for the female MPs.

“We the women MPs in the NLC, and part of this legal rights movement demand our voices are heard through a vote that this chauvinistic appeasement either be abrogated immediately or is adapted into a reciprocal agreement to all female MPs, including back payments to the time of its inception. It does not matter what it is called – 2nd wife pacification allowance or suffrage allowance as long as it is exactly equal to that received by our male colleagues, including some of who are our husbands…”

Most observers believe that now it has been exposed and in the open, the women MPs option to have them compensated should easily pass unopposed through parliament – thus giving both male and female MPs the right to drill deeper into South Sudan’s already empty pockets.

One male MP who claims he has 3 official wives plus two others who occasionally mother his children, he told Saakam that as far as he is aware there is nothing wrong with the ‘2nd wife allowance’ as it helps the honourable MPs in not only concentrating of national issues, but also makes it possible for them to produce a plethora and an assorted variety of ‘children of honourables’ (whatever that means).

The payment-for-this-male-sexual-practise has been carrying on for a years now, but the female MPs accidentally found out when one unnamed male MP had proposed to arrange a marriage with another single female MP solely for cashing in on another ‘second wife allowance’.

According to the whistle-blower, the male MP offered to split the cash and give the proposed ‘wife’ a 30% share – believed to be fair as it compared with the constitutional percentage of seats in the parliament reserved for women.

“… that this financial male-only agreement has been going on secretly for years is insulting to us, especially since some of us are wives of these MPs, and the Minister for Gender is also a woman!”

The parliament is scheduled to discuss the motion very soon. Saakam, feminist extraordinaire and pro equality/ equity and gender parity, will be watching from the side-lines to update fellow women on this important vote.