South Sudan is to auction off a field of tractors in order to buy food as both the economic crisis and famine collide in the countryside, Saakam has learnt.

Authorities are planning to auction off 100s of brand-new, but looking decidedly second-hand tractors, with the proceeds believed to be going to buy basic essentials and food for starving citizens inhabiting arid and very fertile lands across the country.

According to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Agriculture, these brand-spanking-new tractors were neglected and left to rot and decay in the many tractor graveyards located across the nation as the ministry was never able to secure the necessary funds required to setup the running of regional cooperative farming centres or to maintain the tractors.

“We have decided to sell these tractors and their accessories to use the small-small money we get to buy food to feed some of our hungry people…”

You will remember that in 2015 Saakam published 1000 Tractors doomed to rot and decay due to lack of funds, which exposed the state and fate of those poor and innocent tractors and how they were doomed to not take part in the planting season that year or subsequent years that followed.

Since this announcement has been made, a few organisations have come out to publicly praise the government for this grant nationalistic attempt to do something about its own starving citizens.

“I think this is a smart move by the government…They know that they lack a programme, a vision and the leadership to guide them to utilise these advanced farming tools… people across the country are currently eating their stored seeds and groundnuts that they were going to use for planting ahead of the first rains as they do not have enough to eat.”

People hoping to purchase the tractors at this auction are advised (or rather cautioned) to bring their own diesel with them. The price does not include transporting the sold tractors out of the graveyard let alone to other states.The cost lies with the buyer.

Once the tractors are sold but not removed from the graveyard, the Ministry warns it will charge the owners extra fees for each day their tractor occupies space in the government owned graveyard, space that could be put to better use by other tractors expected to arrive soon.

All biders are urged to bid generously and patriotically.

Happy bidding.