The UNCONVENTIONAL national prayer day that was recently held in Juba, capital of South Sudan will go down in history as ‘The Day of Forgiveness’ as senior government officials – in reparations for a decreed-by-the-President national dialogue initiative – publicly came out and announced that (after an order by the President) they  are willing to forgive those they had meticulously planned and intended to seriously harm.

These half-hearted proclamations of this unconventional Juba-styled ‘forgiveness’ came as a no surprise to a few keen historians and observers who had wished that those sinning and divisive government officials, aided by DIVINE INSPIRATION FROM H.E. Pres. Kiir at the helm as their supreme religious leader, would have climbed down from their high chairs and asked to be forgiven instead of using the initiative to reassert their ‘almighty positions of power’ to grant grace and forgive instead of being forgiven.

Surprisingly (or not), the day saw scores of notorious heavy weight South Sudanese officials, with straight faces and full combat attire, declare that they are willing to postpone their malicious plans – more so because the H.E Pres Kiir called them together than any conscious self-reflection – to join the choir and sing  the ‘national dialogue’ chorus.

That means, letting the rebels and those with rebellious tendencies to be informed that genuine plans to deal with them have been postponed until they (the lucky-to-be-forgiven) give these forgiving officials any reason to re-pursue the plans – like steal their cattle.

Addressing the CONGREGATION during the event in one of the 28 states, one Tor Abu Mara said “I have forgiven those I was about to do something wrong to, but because Our President has called for this, I have forgiven them…. for the time being… Now, I also expect to be forgiven in return!”

Saakam cannot independently verify whether this positive and unconventional approach to forgiveness (with the sinner calling a cease-fire on his/her sinful acts pending submission), plus H.E Pres. Kiir’s supreme and divine religious intervention, has convinced the international community, and thus swaying their original belief that genocide in the world newest religious nation was inevitable…

“Pres. Kiir is not only a great politician and statesman, he has proven that he can lead Christians, Muslims and as well as pagans in a religious quest to find this thing others nations have long known as ‘PEACE’…even if that means talking to himself – what others call prayer or monologue..”

Regardless of the chatter on rebellious camps, Juba reiterated its commitment to temporarily suspend all intentions to hurt others in the spirit of forgiveness. Saakam will be around to keep you update should this self-proclaim sin-ceasefire break.