President Uhuru Kenyatta and the SPLM-IO are said to have reached a groundbreaking agreement that will allow SPLM-IO to deploy a small unit of specialists and professionals to protect high-profile members of their organisation who are residing, refugee’ing or transiting in Kenya.

This precautionary move comes after a number of high-profile SPLM-IO members in Kenya were reportedly “kidnapped” or “disappeared” with the fear of finding themselves deported to Juba where they face illegal detention, alleged torture and, worst case scenario, may probably lead to death.

According to many unsubstantiated reports, the government in Juba is said to have offered very handsome rewards for the deportation of these high-profile critics of the Juba government, and President Uhuru does not have absolute say or control over the operations of these Kenyan Forces’ very special operations – especially when the reward from Juba is said to be into the range of millions of US dollars.

As per the agreement, the SPLM-IO Protection Force Unit will work very closely with a presidential unit of the Kenyan special forces, training and carrying out protection of civilians and their basic international legal requirements including the principle of “non-refoulement” which sounds rude but in fact means don’t return anyone to a country where they may be persecuted.

Saakam, as usual, will keep you updated as the news unfolds.