A primary school in Kwajok, Gogrial State in South Sudan has awarded the recently reappointed First Lady Ayendit Mayardit an honorary Primary School Leaving Certificate – one of her first and only academic certificates – as appreciation for her generous contributions to the school.

According to the headmistress of the primary school, the award is one of the highest attainable academic certificates and the first lady, who skipped school because of more pressing national and patriotic duties, has finally deserved and achieved it, thanks to her generous left hand.

The honorary primary school leaving certificate has already been printed in colour and framed to almost exact specifications as her husband’s (President Dr. Salva Kiir Mayardit) honorary doctorate from the University of Nairobi. Some space on the wall of the one of the sitting rooms of the Presidential Palace has also been reserved to hang the certificate next to her husband’s doctorate.

Like most things in South Sudan, the news was received with mixed reactions.

One group was quick to praise the move calling it ‘historic’ as it makes Mrs. Ayendit not only the first First Lady of South Sudan, but also the first girl in her village to ‘graduate’ from a primary school with an honorary colour-printed and framed certificate.

Another group, who claim the first lady has not seen the inside of a classroom and does not know the colour of a blackboard or a white chalk, question the logic behind the school’s decision to award such a huge and prestigious honour’.

“Does South Sudan lack women who actually finish primary school, who deserve this more than someone like her?” asked one diaspora South Sudanese.

With the certification from a renowned primary school, the first lady will – from henceforth – be respected and considered in equal footing to the ilks of Angelina Teny, Dr. Anne Itto and Madam Awut – a few women who actually know the colour and shape of a blackboard.

Saakam – a strong supporter of girls, women and grandmothers education -congratulate the first lady.