In what many see as a surprise move, the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued a presidential decree reappointing his wife and mother of their multi-millionaire 7 year-old child to the position first lady of the republic and ‘Mother of the Nation’.

A second order – also read loudly over state TV and shouted out by town-criers in villages across the states of South Sudan- mandated all security and law-enforcement organs to arrest anyone who uses or refers to themselves as ‘first-lady’ without showing any proof of identity like a passport where-in their occupation is listed as ‘[a] wife of the President’.

With the reappointment, Mrs. Ayendit Mayardit is expected to re-assume her photo-ops position alongside her husband and move into the master presidential bedroom in J1, the presidential palace – activities that she was unable to execute without the proper presidential endorsement.

Of late, the title of ‘First Lady’ has been widely contested mostly among rivalling artists. There have been a few reported cases of other ‘ladies’ enjoying the privileges that that title come with. One of the artists contesting the title, a popular female artist aka Queen Zee, just got released from prison after serving a life-sentence without parole.

The social media and the usual keyboard-ninjas are still at odds as to the exact reason that prompted this surprise move. Many believe that an un-denied rumour that President was seen in more than one occasion without his cowboy hat entertaining other ladies, could have prompted this reappointment that aims to silence and appease the veteran first lady and mother of his rich kids.

Mrs. Ayendit Mayardit is the longest serving wife and first lady of the South Sudan in history.

Saakam takes the opportunity to congratulate The First Lady.