Over 69 tribal militia pending trial for rape in Juba are expected to be freed and resume active armed service after ‘rape’ was ‘presidentially’ and officially ruled out as a crime as it is impossible to be committed or practised by any South Sudanese given that it is not “in our nature” and “we do not do that”.

The mouth-piece of the President of South Sudan has gone on record to claim that rape, that primitive and emotive western/foreign concept and a crime where someone forces another to have intimate relations or sex, is explicitly impossible to be committed or practised by any South Sudanese (let alone an undisciplined rifle-welding tribal militia) on innocent vulnerable women.

Following renewed fighting in South Sudan, various reports have been published accusing forces affiliated to the government and the opposition in Juba of serious crimes against women and children.

“These stories are just made up, we do not do that [rape]”, he dismissed the claims.

He went on to add that the word “rape” does not even exist in all the local dialects of South Sudan – further proof that it is alien.

Meanwhile, a court-martial has started trying soldiers convicted of more serious crimes such as looting, dating bleached local girls and unnecessary murder.

The 69 alleged offenders will not be charged with exercising this un-South-Sudanese crime and are expected resume active duty in and around the same neighbourhoods they allegedly committed that alien offence.

Along with the rape accusation, the government of South Sudan also stands accused of mass violations of other human rights including killings and looting. However, Ateny Wek, the presidential spokesperson, did not try to rule out these other crimes of murder and looting as “foreign imported concepts”.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), many South Sudanese left in the social media networks agree with Mr. Wek saying these accusations have been drummed up mostly by foreign unappreciative journalists who seem be enjoying the hospitable working and living conditions in Juba, the capital city of the world’s newest nation.