In a surprise and unusual move, a few international environmental groups have bravely come out and actually praised the not-so-popular government of South Sudan on its recent formation of a new Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) primarily comprising of familiar and unpopular ministers who have been holding ministerial positions and have contributed to the bad image of the world’s newest nation.

According to the international environmental groups, the recycling of (or reuse and reappointment of) the waste and potentially toxic elements (aka ministers) – despite their bad or non-existent records of achievement – falls within the definition of the term ‘recycling’ which means ‘reuse of waste’ that, if not disposed of in managed and controlled way, could lead to irreparable damage to the whole community.

That alone is worthy of praise – said one political environmentalist who believes politicians (especially those who survive and thrive on revenues generated by oil and fossil fuel) are the same as, and must be treated as, fossil fuels products.

South Sudan recently had to form a new government comprising of waste elements from an armed opposition, and other political parties in accordance with an agreement that ended a bloody and meaningless 2-year old conflict.

In a statement read over state owned TV, the government appreciated the rare, once in a blue-moon praise, saying it is not every day that South Sudan gets praised for doing the right things. The statement also thanked the groups for seeing and understanding their [South Sudan’s] challenges in making touch  choices to reuse the waste they have grown to know; dispose of it and face the toxic consequences; or appoint other equally wasteful elements into a situation where waste and decay was already in plenty.

“The people of South Sudan have asked for peace and for things to return to normal.. Like in 2011 when we gained our independence, we have brought back the same peace by signing the agreements… For things to return to normal, we had to bring back the same people… that is what the people asked for…”

Meanwhile in Juba, the recycled Ministers are expecting a fleet of over 120 brand new 4 wheel-drive Toyato V8’s, some with bullet-proof tyres others with night-vision navigation systems.

Stay tuned…