After days of waiting to finally fly-in in-style to great aplomb, one of the Machar’s peace-doves today got his flight permit revoked by government authorities who gave no reason leaving many to speculate that that particular dove had become “too light-white, too-trained and too SPLM-IO brainwashed” that its release and flight on the day will steal the show, carry out unprecedented flight-manoeuvres and risks displaying Machar in shining halo of peaceful light that could, to an untrained eye (and cameras), make him appear like a leader that his is not.

According to the official letter handed to the dove-trainers, not one single peace-dove is to get close or near to the proximity of Juba International Airport (JIA) where Machar is expected to arrive any day from next-tomorrow.

The letter, which Saakam received a copy via DHL (pigeon post), went on to warn that should any of those skilled SPLM-IO doves or another one in disguise take flight and be seen or detected by radar within the restricted zone on that day, then the “gallant SPLA air-force will be forced to use its sophisticated” East-European anti-peace-doves military equipment to neutralise the threat. It is hoped that the game team of Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MVM) arm of CTSAMM will be on hand to confirm any fowl violations.

With only one dove left, the carers say they do not have enough time to find another dove as skilful and fit for the occasion as the one banned by authorities.

However, the government has promise to upkeep its promise to pay the daily allowance of $126 dollars for each of the doves until Machar arrives and to be on standby at JIA to set them free the day-after-tomorrow.

As usual, Saakam will be here to fly-in the latest news on time in the name of peace. Saakam says type Amen if you agree.