KAF International Company Ltd, the event organisers of the controversial ‘US$1.5 million’ skin-bleached Koffi Olomide concert have called off the gig and are now citing non-existent logistical challenges as the cause of the sudden – but not surprising – cancellation.

Instead they are bizarrely rumoured to be working behind the scenes to facilitate normalisation of prevailing conditions in Juba to promote the return of peace to the World’s Newest Failing Nation – thanks to a resounding public denunciation over the waste of money.

Reports of the alleged ‘US$1.5 million’ paid to Paris-based Congolese musician and skin-lightening-crème abuser Koffi Olomide to facilitate a Sunday afternoon ‘Music Festival’ in Juba, South Sudan started making rounds on the internet shortly after the organisers posted the announcement.

However, the tsunami of resounding public outcry that ensued caught the South Sudanese organisers off-guard.

According to trusted insiders, the actually amount was roughly US$300 and not the rumoured US$1.5 million. “Same difference,” said many of the protesters who vowed to boycott the concert that starting selling tickets at 1000 South Sudan Pounds (4 times the salary of a soldier, twice the salary of a primary school teacher).

“No matter how many zeros the Koffi concert was going to cost, that money could have been put to better use doing something else especially during these difficult times in our quest for peace and harmony,”

That sentiment appears to have hit home and the organisers are said to have listened to the hearts of the suffering, thus called the shenanigans off!

Speaking to Saakam under condition of anonymity, one of the organisers confided that Koffi Olomide accepted the cancellation saying he understands the situation and can relate to the people of South Sudan for he was once black – referring to his pre-bleaching skin colour.

The move to divert their resources from a fun and money-making scheme to a peace and nation-building project is being welcomed and appreciated by the broke government in Juba, the even-more-broke general public, along with the kicked-out-of-hotels Former Detainees (SPLM-FDs) and in addition to the oh-my-what-can-one-possibly-say-about-them SPLM-IO shuttling back tp the capital.

So as to cause no alarm, the first order of business according to KAF International Company Ltd, will be to oversee Koffi Olomide’s billboard posters being replaced with Dr. Riek Machar reception posters (former rebel and now designated First Vice-President). This will be followed in a couple of days with a deposit, extension and upgrade to full-board hotel accommodation for the Former Detainees; and a special upgrade to a VVIP room (Very Very Important Person) for Dr Majak D’Agoot who fell homeless when he was barred from travelling out of the country last week after his hotel bills were stopped.

“As an after-thought, we prefer to see thousands of South Sudanese women and children dancing and ululating in joy in streets of Juba feeling and witnessing the coming or return of peace than oggle at backing “singers” sweating profusely under their heavy-duty make-up…. lip-syncing to incomprehensible Congolese music inside Nyakuron Freedom Hall, by a crowd of a hundred heavily drunk, shisha smokers, sweating in the heat of the day” said one organiser.

“Peace, I think we made the right call,” he added.

It is yet to be seen whether the general public will welcome the ‘defection’ and change of strategy by these organisers – rich sons of high-ranking government officials.