Former rival and still Jihadist President of Sudan Omar El Bashir has pledge millions of dollars plus ‘recycled ideologies’ to train, build capacity (whatever that means) and help restructure and reorganise the failing and barely ruling political party in South Sudan – Kiir’s SPLM.

In a widely televised national broadcast of the launch of the official registration of Bashir’s jihadist party in South Sudan, the acting Secretary-General of Kiir’s SPLM Ms Jemma Nuna has gone on record to praise the move saying “our sister party [Bashir’s NCP] will help in capacity building and exchanging ideas,” a statement that has prompted varied reactions from living and dead (martyred) South Sudanese questioning why they (South Sudanese) had bitterly fought against the same, only to go back and be trained to do what they are believed to be incapable of doing – running their own affairs.

In a recent address to members of his party (video here), wanted war-criminal Pres. Bashir of Sudan claimed the birth of South Sudan, that came about after 98% of South Sudanese voted for separation in an internationally monitored referendum, was mainly sponsored and engineered by those who wished ill of him and the (North) Sudan. We went on to say that the birth of that failing nation was not because South Sudanese needed to be independent, or had the right to be so. According to Pres. Bashir, the same people who championed that cause for separation are “begging me to allow the re-unification” of the Sudan following the “fore-seen and predictable” crisis that has befallen the ill-conceived nation of South Sudan.

But that (the statement about South Sudan incapacity to stand on its feet) was said a few months ago, and the 21 plus years of rivalry that saw millions killed, ended a few years ago…. Ancient history in political terms! Today, the Kiir’s SPLM and the NCP are “sisterly” political parties helping each other do what they do best – stay in power.

The absence at the press conference of other political parties believed to be (or often referred to be) pro-Khartoum and pro-Bashir such as Machar’s SPLM-IO and Lam Akol’s Democratic Change was evident. According to an out-spoken SPLM-IO cyber-activist…

”Kiir just sold out the contested region of Abyei, and given away more or South Sudan’s oil… in return, the economy in the coming days will appear to become stable and Sudan will announce a few favourable measures that will appear to come out of the blue… but trust me, there is nothing without nothing…”

Saakam has learned that, as part of the “capacity building” trainings and re-organization of the SPLM, the NCP plans to teach the South Sudanese about nationalism. At the centre of it all is an ideology on how and when the Sudan was once void and everyone, like the Arabs, started arriving into the Sudan – a subject generally known as” the coming of the people to Sudan”.

Cheering to the announcement of the sisterly re-union, a mixed audience from the two parties shouted “Allah oyee, allah oyee!!”