The near deadly rise in temperature witnessed across South Sudan is becoming a peace-threatening matter. Senior government officials have claimed they have evidence that the rebel-turned-peace-partner (SPLM-IO) is responsible for the phenomena – an allegation strongly rebuked by the SPLM-IO, saying the claim is as laughable and unrealistic as saying the second VP Igga had a disagreement with President Kiir.

But government officials are adamant about their claim and insist that there is a human factor behind the sudden, seemingly planned and strategic rise in what is otherwise a natural global phenomena – global warming.

In the past few days, the temperature across many strategic government held areas has seen an unnatural rise in temperatures, sometimes hitting the 52 degrees centigrade mark – breaking the national unrecorded record every day for the past few days.

One piece of evidence that the SPLM-IO is involved in the matter as claimed by the government originates from a social media (Facebook) post by one SPLM-IO official who wrote that Juba is “going to become hot once we arrive, and even hotter when Dr. Machar arrives…”

“For the sake of peace, we appeal to our brothers in the SPLM-IO to come out of their air-conditioned rooms (that we are paying for) here in Juba and stop this craziness,” said a sweating official who threatens to reveal his name if this continues.

In defence, the former rebels said they are equally surprised about the natural phenomena and find it rather unscientific of the government officials to give them the credit for something as sophisticated as  that.

“We have been accused of a things….I will not comment on the others, but this one is like claiming that Wani Igga (the loyal second VP) has had an argument or disagreement with the President! No one in South Sudan will believe that,” said a representative of the former rebels from inside his air-conditioned room in Juba, the melting capital of South Sudan.

The Meteorological Institute of South Sudan (MISS) is scheduled to give a statement in the coming boiling hot days. Until then, the ever-fragile peace agreement will be taking the blows.

And we – Saakam – shall be keeping you cool!