The 28 states of South Sudan recently created by Presidential order appear to have hit an un-foreseen hurdle as many have run out of options (animals, plants and vegetables) to use as official symbols for their state.

Some ‘sister’ states (that formerly formed part of one state) have already clashed over the issue, some claiming the inheritance right and ownership of the symbol of the ‘mother’ state.

The President is rumoured to issue another order soon banning the use and inheritance of any symbol from the former 10-states. It is also rumoured that a national committee presided by the President himself will be formed to arbitrate over such issues and (if need be) chose and assign a suitable symbol for any state.

The decision of that committee, being appointed and headed by the President, will be final. States that do not like the animal or fruit assigned to their state will have to appeal directly to the President.

However, some states have made some head-way and are as good as done with the struggle to find a symbol.

Lol state, for example, was one of the first to have its symbol approved. It was unanimously decided that the state symbol be that of a laughing cow – similar to that of the French Cheese maker, but with a skinnier cow with bigger horns.

Jubek State with Juba as it capital chose a chair as its state symbol to signify it being the seat of the government South Sudan.

Eastern Lakes State (Awerial) will have an African traditional stool as symbol signifying its potential to ‘grow’ and become the next seat of government when the capital is relocated to Ramciel sometime this century.

Imatong State will feature a monitor lizard, a traditional delicacy of the state.

Wau State had originally wanted to have ‘fire’ as their symbol, but that was rejected for unknown reasons.

Gbudwe State, with Yambio as it capital, will have one of the traditional weapons used by the Azande King during his expeditions.

The other states have either not come up with symbols yet, or they are waiting for the committee to assign them something colourful and representative of their states.

One state is rumoured to have attempted to please the President by having a cowboy hat and pink handkerchief as its symbol, but the idea was quickly rejected after consultations with those close to the President hinted that it would not be a good idea for the long time.

As always, we shall keep you updated.