The President of South Sudan Lt General Salva Kiir Mayardit has issued a statement endorsing the candidacy of the US Presidential aspirant Donald Trump, stressing that Trump is the most suited candidate to fill the post of POTUS (President of the United States), and his foreign policy towards countries like South Sudan come second to none.

The statement was issued after President Kiir spoke by phone from Juba with the US Presidential aspirant and mega-millionaire businessman Donald Trump. It said their 2-minute conversation was cordial and touched on several issues including investment by Mr. Trump in South Sudan and the region.

“Donald Trump is a true hard-working no-nonsense American who, when he becomes president, will support South Sudan in its democratic path and stability. South Sudan, the world newest nations, is also looking forward to Donald Trump’s  support and investment in almost all the sectors,” the statement said.

On his part, Mr. Trump who is currently busy campaigning in the USA thanked President Kiir in-front of thousands of his supporters.

“Last night, I received a call from Africa, the President of the world’s newest nation… Many of you might not know this country… honestly, I had to look it up myself…..  But, President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has reached out to me to help that new nation that we [America] helped create. He pledged his full support for my candidacy. And I told him when I become President of the USA, and if he is still President of that country, then we shall have a lot to talk about,” said Trump.

Mr. Trump expressed his thanks for the endorsement and said he will send his top aides to the country to discuss further the investment opportunities.

In recent years, the current US President Barack Obama has been frustrated by the South Sudanese regime especially with the runaway corruption, lack of accountability and after the conflict which started in December 2013 leading to massacre in Juba, the capital city, and elsewhere in the country.

President Obama has been pressing for possible sanctions against government officials who obstruct the implementation of the peace agreement. This does not go well in the Office of President Kiir who considered it interference in internal affairs of a sovereign country.

The Office of the President hopes that when Mr. Trump becomes President, relations with USA will return to its former glory with Juba enjoying unlimited and unconditional support, and its VIPs received and treated like VIPs that they are when they travel to the US.

When reached for comments, the US Embassy in Juba said they have no knowledge of the endorsement by President Kiir and cannot comment on his South Sudan Kiir endorses Trump for US President personal priorities.