Distress signals in a report from the South Sudan Embassy in Washington appear to confirm claims made by Rebel-leader Riek Machar that the whole of North America, with over 2 million South Sudanese refugees-turned-residents, is now firmly under the control of SPLM-IO.

The report comes as no surprise especially after many ‘on-the-fence’ South Sudanese together with a few loud hard-core supporters and followers of President Kiir complained that Juba, and the Embassy in Washington did not show them the ‘love and attention’ they deserve.

They allegedly made several requests to Juba via their Embassy for high-level delegations to take some time to visit them, attend meetings, give speeches and take pictures with their children. And, for those few supporters who stand out in their loudness in the social media, Juba should consider repaying all the debt they have accumulated in the West by offering them positions in government with salaries attractive enough to keep their current wives and families in the West, and also marry younger ones back home.

Rebel-leader Riek Machar has been touring the USA busily recruiting, giving speeches and taking pictures with RTRs – refugees-turned-residents- there. On a few occasions, he capitalized on some of the numerous errors that his rival President Salva Kiir has made. However, his listeners and audience did not mind that he did not offer alternatives, or that he was planning to do the same himself but differently.

According to Riek’s aides, the Vice-President in waiting is mobilizing the peace-loving people of the world newest nation to support the Compromise Peace Agreement (or what is left of it) that was inked in Addis Ababa (and 9-days later in Juba) by the many opposing parties.

But some supporters of President Kiir are growing increasingly suspicious of Riek’s motives since his tour had the Riek Effect, or what others are calling a ‘Reik-tion’ that lead to the turning of North America.

The fall of North-America to SPLM/A-IO has prompted a response and an appeal from the Embassy to the Government Officials in Juba. Given the ever increasing issues Juba has to worry about, it is unclear whether Kiir’s administration will shed a tear over the loss of some 2 million RTR’s or approval millions of US dollars to counter the ‘Riek-tion’.

The Embassy has informally requested Juba to:

“…please listen to us, who live among these refugees, that sometimes high-level government delegations like the recent one headed by H.E Vice-President James Wani Igga should visit a few of these out-of-the-way states, shake hands with our people here, to wear a smile and pretend to laugh at their jokes and praises, accept their cheap gifts, watch their pretend-traditional dances and let them post a plethora of pictures on their Facebook profiles. They want to feel important, they want to feel wanted… this can be done by inviting them to come home. They need reassurance that their skills are unique and the country can use people like them – there are no Mc-Donald’s or pork-processing facilities in the country… but the simple fact that they are asked and welcomed home will make them feel needed….”

Curiously, observers are saying that they believe the suggested techniques are exactly what Riek Machar has been using.