Just moments after the President of South Sudan issued an order re-dividing the under 5year old world newest nation into 28 states, the French cheese-maker renowned for its brand ‘The Laughing Cow’ or ‘La Vache Qui Rit’ issued its own press release announcing its intentions to open shop in LOL state, one of the new states.

According to the press release that clearly cautioned the press that “this is not a ‘Laugh Out Loud’ or LOL matter”, the company says it has carried out extensive research and feasibilities studies, and has make a calculated decision to expand its business into that region. A temporary base has already been set up in LOL state at the site of the Presidential cattle camp where a herd of over 4000 cattle belonging to the President is guarded by heavily armed elite para-troopers.

this is not a ‘Laugh Out Loud’ or LOL matter

It is rather unclear whether the makers of ‘The Laughing Cow’ brand had any influence in the naming of the state, but many believe the timing of their announcement just moments later could not be overlooked as a mere coincidence. Observers believe that in South Sudan, a lot of bizarre things happen, but there is often some logic behind most of the madness.

In LOL state, the cheese-maker is proposing to start large scale processing and production of spreadable wedges that will not require refrigeration. The main source of their milk will come from the ‘Presidential cattle’ – a term used to refer to the herd of cattle owned by the President of the republic.

We are about to make history in South Sudan and LOL state will  soon be synonymous to ‘The Laughing Cow’

“We are about to make history in South Sudan and LOL state will soon be synonymous to ‘The Laughing Cow’,” said one company representation.

“We are privileged to be the only foreign company allowed to not only have access to the ‘Presidential cattle’, but we will get to milk them…”

“We do not have plans for meat processing – in South Sudan, cattle are kept as a form of investment, they are rarely eaten but can be occasionally milked. We will start milking them and see how this goes..”