The South Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Council (SSCBC) has written a strong worded letter addressed to Vice President Wani Igga cautioning him (for one last time) against flirting with ‘false Prophets’ – an act that is strongly in contrast with the Catholic faith to which the VP is a believed to be a respected and influential follower.

The letter comes after the VP hosted, prayed with and facilitated meetings and movements of – and thus conspired with – a self-proclaimed Malawian ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri who recently visited South Sudan and treated to a state-like reception by the Office of the VP.

SSTV, the national television station, in its headline news showed the VP introducing the prophet to the President of the Republic. Noticeable in the clip of the meeting, there was a flat screen set TV in the President’s office playing ‘Osuofia in London’, a popular Nollywood movie.

The strongly worded caution and last warning from the Catholic Bishops – an authority considered by the faithful as an modern-day equivalent to the words of Jesus the Son of Mary himself- comes as no surprise to most especially after VP Igga recent-past public engagements with other ‘prophets’ like Nigerian TB Joshua and the ilk. [See South Sudan appoints Nigerian TB Joshua Presidential Advisor for Religious Affairs]

Social media discussing Igga
Social media discussing Igga

“I thought VP Igga was a Catholic,” wondered one South Sudanese netizen.

“He is not Catholic, he is a Kiiristian,” said another, implying the VP’s faith and loyalty is in Kiir, his Christ and saviour, who just happens to be the President of South Sudan.

Catholic, Kiiristian or a religious prostitute, the VP Igga – many believe – was just fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities in his last few days as VP receiving and hosting national guests.

The Southern African from Malawi ‘Prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri, after Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, is the newest of them modern prophets to have ‘toughed’ the VP’s heart in what many are beginning to fail or failing to begin to understand the role of the state in these religious money-making schemes.

Talking to SSTV after the meeting, VP Igga called him “THE man of God,” and said “he [Shepherd Bushiri] will come back in November, pray for them [South Sudanese], heal them with is miracles… this is what South Sudan want…”

According to the Catholic Church doctrine, the VP should will not be able to take the Holy Communion until he repents/confesses to a bishop or a priest who has been cleared by the National Security to take confessions from government officials. His flirtations and playing PR for false prophets amounts to blasphemy, for there is no other prophet after Kiirst Christ.