Two of the largest tribes in South Sudan, the Dinka and Nuer, have peacefully agreed to end hostilities and merge their two feuding tribes to become a single, peace-loving tribe with a single vision of ‘steering South Sudan back on track’.

Initiated by former Kenyan President Daniel Arop Moi, the agreement between the Dinka and the Nuer tribes, represented by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) and the Nuer Council of Elders (NCE) respectively, was signed in Nairobi Kenya on Friday.

The discussions mainly centred on the many cultural similarities between the groups, distribution of power and resources – or rather political, fiscal and military domination of South Sudan by the two groups.

According to the agreement, the two councils will form a unified Dinka-Nuer Council of Elders South Sudan Council of elders that will pave the way and oversee a smooth unification of the two; guide and rule South Sudan until such a time when a leader is selected from the group.

The agreement is drawing international praise. The African Union (AU) has released a statement applauding the elders saying the deal is “a positive step towards the unification of Africa”.

The exact name of the new tribe has not been confirmed yet, but Saakam has learned that the new name will include a few letters from each of the names of the tribes.

Many suspect the new tribe will be called ‘Jie-Naath’, SPLM-elders or ‘Nuenka’.

Speaking during a press conference after the signing ceremony, leaders from both tribes said their tribes have so much in common and the unification will supplement (rather than replace) the current cultural identifies and heritage.

“After the complete merge, our people will speak a common language, have the same facial markings if any. Other customs such as marriage and dowry arrangements, naming our children will all be standardized by the supreme council of elders.”

“Our people shall never again compete and fight each other for political power, positions and resources of South Sudan.”

The new peace-loving tribe of Jei-Naath will arguably become Africa largest non-hostile tribe.

After the merge, nothing will stop the ‘South Sudan Council of Elders’ from passing into law whatever the peace-loving people of the new tribe want.