Rebel leader Machar wishing Pres. Kiir quick recovery
Rebel leader Machar wishing Pres. Kiir quick recovery

Rebel leader Riek Machar is reported to have sent a ‘get well soon’ message to his adversary the President of South Sudan saying he too [Riek Machar] cannot bring peace alone to the world’s newest nation incapacitated with rivalry within the ruling party.

The health and leadership capacity of the visibly burned-out President Kiir has recently been the subject of concern after he collapsed in Khartoum, Sudan during an official visit there; and a few days earlier, broke down in tears during a therapy-like interview with Al Jazeera.

With the message and reference for Pres. Kiir’s need-to-be-present to end the conflict, the rebel leader appears to be responding to a statement made during the Al Jazeera interview in which Pres. Kiir said he cannot bring peace alone, but needs Riek Machar to equally show commitment.

However, the youth leadership in the rebels camp seem to see a different urgency for Kiir to get his act together and step up to the plate.

“Pres. Kiir needs to get well soon, and start behaving like the dictator we know him – this rebellion has invested heavily on his personality and on him as a person… without him, we might not have a reason to fight… and if he just goes away like that, our cause might collapse!”

The youth leader was referring to the rebellion’s main and only mission and objective to remove President Kiir from power. His removal by forces or causes – natural or otherwise that are not affiliated to Riek Machar – could negatively impact the rebellion (and their ongoing mobilization) as well as have slogan-changing effects on their messages.

Meanwhile, Juba is denying that Pres. Kiir has health related issues that need attention. Denials, doctors say, are a common symptom that is inherited to the condition itself.

Juba has also ‘ordered’ Al Jazeera to edit out those segments of the interview that show the President in tears.