End DIRTY war,
Campaign to ‘end DIRTY war by denying SWEET sex’, is gaining momentum

The women of South Sudan are broadening their unorthodox strategy aimed at ending the war by denying sex to their partners by appealing to foreign workers in service in South Sudan to join the strike as, according to campaigners, peace benefits all – housewives and whores alike.

In what started as a suggestion to pressure stakeholders to ‘end the DIRTY war by denying SWEET sex’, the campaign has gained international praise and momentum, even among foreign sex workers who have equally suffered from the conflict that started close to a year ago. Campaigners are hoping that sex workers, meanly foreigners who are on tour in South Sudan, to join hands (or literally close their legs) in solidarity with local housewives for a better and more prosperous and peaceful South Sudan.

The wives of the President and the rebel leader have also been asked to do their uttermost best in pressuring their husbands to end the war if that means denying them sex or giving them a lot of it until they bring peace.

One group of hookers, the association of Sex Workers in South Sudan (SWISS), locally known as the SWISS Girls, posted a message of solidarity on their Facebook page saying they “feel the pain and suffering of the people of South Sudan, and applaud the efforts the ‘wives’ in South Sudan are exploring to end the war”.

Although SWISS fell short of calling on their hookers to join the strike, campaigners are positive that an understanding will be reached with the group.

However, another group of strikers is suggesting staging afternoon and night vigils around lodges and hotels in Juba, the capital to spot, report or shame offenders of the strike.

Until this latest show of solidarity by SWISS, the gang of pricey hookers were known to generally refrain South Sudan politics. Local observers say their part-taking in the strike will be a game changer.

Note: Single members of our staff – male and female – are joining the strike in solidarity. Spread the word and keep the legs closed