New South Sudan currency will feature traffic lights and panda bats - national symbols
New South Sudan currency will feature traffic lights and panda bats – national symbols

The Bank of South Sudan (BOSS) has published a list of the national symbols that will be printed on new bank notes, and the new traffic lights recently installed in Juba, the capital city, will be one of those symbols.

Other symbols classified as the ‘pride of the nation’ include the panda bat, a rare and unique species of bat recently discovered in Western Equatoria, a tiger (the President’s favorite animal and his codename during the war), and four other symbols still under consideration.

Although there are no tigers in South Sudan – or the whole of Africa for that matter – the Bank of South Sudan still believes it symbolizes strength, patience and intelligence. Furthermore, these qualities are manifested in the current Presidents’ leadership and that is something a nation can be proud of.

The world’s newest state recently installed its first set of traffic lights amidst varying levels of confusion and expectations. According to government officials involved with the national project, the sense of national pride has increased since the first solar-powered traffic lights started blinking in the capital city.

“We believe these traffic lights have restored our sense of national unity by bringing our people together at such a difficult time….printing the traffic lights on the national currency is the right thing to do… The government will make sure we install more traffic lights in every street-corner of every town and village in South Sudan, so that they also enjoy and experience the magic and unifying factor of blinking orange arrows,” he said.

The new currency will still depict the portrait of Dr. John Garang at the front. Symbols of the traffic lights, the panda bat and the tiger will be featured at the rear left side of the 25, 10, and 5 pound notes.

The new notes are expected to enter into circulation by the end of the year around Christmas.