The government of South Sudan is claiming it has proof the Troika plans to remove President Kiir from power, undermine the IGAD peace talks, and install an interim government with the current Miss South Sudan as President of the republic.

The Troika, according to the government’s statement to the press, also planned to install a 100% female-led government with women – mainly young models, singers and event-planners – filling up the seats in the national parliament, governors in all the 28 states of South Sudan and national ministers.

The spokesperson circulated a 4-page document alleged to be part of the Troika-cooked plan of action for their puppet female-led government. Topping the list of priorities were all matters related to maternal health, girls education, home economics, child brides, early pregnancies, gender based violence and – of course – winning the Miss World competition.

These revelations do not come as a surprise to many as Troika-sponsored beauty pageants have vigorously recruited and graduated a record number of Miss South Sudan while the local and international attention was focussed on the talks in Ethiopia.

Another issue of concern was the popularity of these Miss South Sudan events – at the latest crowning of Miss South Sudan, more people turned up to receive and cheer the new Miss South Sudan than those who were paid to line up and welcome the President after signing one of the many agreements in Addis Ababa some days prior to the event.

The Troika countries – US, UK and Norway – have since denied the allegations to replace Kiir’s government with models, singers and event-planners but insist they will continue to sponsor programs that empower women such as the Miss South Sudan pageant.

However, a statement alleged to originate from one of the Troika representatives mentioned that the Presidency of South Sudan could as well be filled with a Miss South Sudan as the job is more ceremonial and ribbon-cutting in its nature – a role well cut out for a Miss South Sudan. Plus, the image of the country needs some help, and a skinny jet-black President will do just that, if not more.

No names have been mentioned or released in connection with the ‘exposed plan’, but observers warn that the government could start cracking down on South Sudanese who have made a name for themselves, locally and internationally, in the areas of sports, fashion, music and even facebook.

Recently, Queen Zee aka the First Lady – a popular female singer was arrested by security personnel for allegedly heading a gang of pants-dropping militia. Another female singer Mary Boyoi also claimed to have been assaulted and knocked unconscious for 30 minutes but security personnel but other eye witnesses argued she passed out drunk. It is unclear whether any of the two were short-listed for a political position in the Troika plan, but their sudden call for attention was worth noting.

The government is expected to suspend all future Miss South Sudan events, and any crowning will have to be approved at the highest levels of government from now onwards – said the spokesperson.

The government has also voiced concerns that the Troika and other Western Countries are only appointing women to fill diplomatic missions in South Sudan – a systematic plan to instigate regime change in South Sudan, said the government official.