Nigerian Okagbare celebrates after winning the women’s 100m
Nigerian Okagbare celebrates after winning the women’s 100m

Blessing Okagbare, the Nigerian female athlete who won two gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth games, could become the second Nigerian to be stripped of her title after fragments and locks of ‘Cheetah fur’ were allegedly found in the blond hair extension she wore during the race that won her a gold medal.

According to the allegation, fur and other body parts of a Cheetah – the world’s fastest land animal – can enhance the speed and performance of a sprinter. Athletes who wear such performance enhancing parts as jewellery must be placed in the same category as those who use drugs and must also be published accordingly.

Okagbare finished the 100m women race in just 10.85 seconds as she blitzed to the finish line leaving her Jamaicans rivals chasing the pony tail of her blond hair extension that is alleged to contained Cheetah fur that ‘turboed’ her.

A technical committee, set up to investigate the claims, has already started reviewing frame-by-frame footage of the race. They will determine whether Okagbare’s performance was anything but human, and compare the findings with other races in which she only had her natural hair.

Samples of her hair extension have also been collected and the Afro-hair salon in Glasgow, where her dyed and plaited her hair, has been sealed off for further investigation.


The committee could use as evidence scientific findings documented in over 850 transcripts from the ancient and renowned University of Tumbuktu, one of the world’s first university and home to fundamental discoveries and inventions of modern day science like the perfect round circle, the flat square and finger-counting to ten.

Although most of the transcripts are still classified (or have not been de-coded yet), investigators hope to find evidence and proof of the performance-enhancing powers of Cheetah fur.

‘Our committee of experts and the resources from the University of Tumbuktu will help us get to the bottom of this matter faster than Okagbare can cross the finish line without a blond wig with mysterious powers…. I am not saying that she had that substance in her hair, but we are getting there..’ said titleholder of the 60m wife-carrying championship who is also member of the technical committee.

If found guilty, Okagbare will need to find something with ‘verdict-reversing’ powers or ‘title-retaining’ ability to keep her current and past titles.

The technical committee is due to release a statement on the investigation. Until then, Ms Okagbare has been ‘officially requested’ not to ‘stay natural’ until the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, the social media and internet forums has gone amok with queries and counter claims since the news surrounding the claims. One netizen claimed Usain Bolt’s ‘Lightening Bolt’ trademark pose influences performance and must be banned. Others claimed ex-basketballer Michael Jordon wore the same underwear to big matches and always won.

Another netizen from Nigerian claimed he has supplies for a range of ‘performance-enhancing’ animal-parts jewellery. Those interested only need to supply their account numbers and full address.