Kiir's SPLM has secured mass resignations and defections recently. New rules could help?
Kiir’s SPLM has suffered mass resignations and defections recently. New rules and regulations could help?

Salva Kiir’s SPLM plans to amend its membership rules by adding stricter regulations to its Basic Documents that will make the resignation process a bit harder and, if it happens, earn the party some financial gains rather than losses, Saakam has learnt.

The amendments come as part of an ongoing process to reorganize and restructure the former guerilla movement into a viable modern political party. Some observers say these rush amendments specifically tuned on resignations are meant to counter the recent growing number of walkouts, defections and resignations.

Others believe the SPLM is catching up with what they rebels have recently done by being cautious and selective on whom they welcome into the rebellion. The SPLM seems more concerned about letting go who they already have, whereas the rebels vet members even before granting them membership.

But according to the architects of the new rules and regulations, the approach aims at reversing the loss of what they call ‘whining, disgruntled and disloyal’ members into a gain by demanding that resigning members pay all outstanding membership fees, an administrative fee to handle their request to resign and another ‘small’ fee to get an SPLM ex-membership card as legal proof of their disassociation with the party.

An optional recommendation letter could also be issued outlining the nice work an ex-member did for the party and the country over the years.

SPLM Chairman Salva Kiir had previously told contenders to 'form own party' if they did not like his rule
SPLM Chairman Salva Kiir had previously told contenders to ‘form own party’ if they did not like his rule

Potential members have been cautioned not to prematurely make announcements of their resignation before the process is finalized and an ex-membership card (that has an expiry date) is issued.

“Violators of these rules and regulations will be shamed and labelled as ‘rebels’, ‘supporters of Kokora’ and a few more bad names that could make it hard for them to be invited to social events or join another political party even SPLM-DC,” said a committee member assigned to compose the new regulations.

“We are sure our most committed members will follow these rules when they resign… it shows how disciplined and dedicated they are… they will be highly valued and respected in whatever they decide to do next,” he added.