Brazil bumps Saudia Arabia as 'most fragile' team
Brazil bumps Saudi Arabia as ‘most fragile’ team

In a historic and unforgiving humiliation in front of their own fans, the Brazilian 2014 World Cup team have risen from a reserved-bottom position displaying Saudi Arabia to become the world’s ‘most fragile’ team after Germany beat them 7-1 in the semi-finals.

Saudi Arabia held the top position for 12 strong years. The Cameroonian 2006 team came close but failed to top the list.

Brazil has not yet been official crowned, but celebrations have already started and are expected to last way beyond the World Cup finals.

However, not everyone is celebrating the opposite advancement. 7Up Corporation, the main sponsor of the 2014 Brazilian team has announced it is stopping its support and sponsorship of the team immediately as it can no longer be associated with a team that has turned the number ‘7’ into a joke.

“We did not see this coming, but we expect huge losses after this… I can’t even say it.. 7-1 loss! No one here likes that number any more… it’s traumatizing,” said one representative of the ex-sponsors.

Meanwhile, reports and pictures are coming in from eye-witnesses who captured the statue hold its head in disbelieve after the 5th goal.

By the 5th goal, he could not take it no more. He wept

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