South Sudan National Legislative Assembly building was one of the sites 'targeted' by the suspicious tremor
South Sudan National Legislative Assembly was one of the sites ‘targeted’ by the suspicious tremor

Juba, the capital of South Sudan, was rocked by what the authorities are calling a ‘suspicious’ earthquake and are taking extra security measures to trace the culprits and motive behind the strange phenomena that was only felt in areas housing government buildings.

The governors of three states of Equatoria, who have been in the headlines for differences with the National Government, have since come out to deny any involvement in the matter.

Government trusted traditional leaders are still investigating the matter. Other possible suspects include the rebels, the Americans, the UN mission in South Sudan and the witch doctors of Western Equatoria.

Witnesses in Juba said the tremor was like none other as people situated around the Ministries area – the area where most government buildings, the National Assembly and the Mausoleum of the Dr. Garang are located – at the time of the quake felt it more than others who were in neutral areas just a couple of meters away.

But according to Dr. Kak Akwa, a professor of Geology at the University of Juba who is also Chairperson of the Association of Traditional African Beliefs And Norms (TABAN) in East African, Tuesday’s earthquake has a simple scientific and a more complex traditional explanation.

“You see, an earthquake in science is the sudden shaking of the earth. In African traditions, the earth does not just decide to shake, there are gods and reasons for everything, and this particular one that shook government buildings…. well.. let me just say, someone somewhere is angry,” said the scientist with deep-rooted African beliefs.

No one has claimed responsibility yet and the East African Geological Society – the organization that tracks earthquakes in the region- has not recorded any seismic activity at the scale of an earthquake in the region.

The Ministry of Information is expected to brief press on the matter.