The right hand become the 'symbol of separation' from the Sudan
The right hand become the ‘symbol of separation’ from the Sudan

Radicals in Sudan opposed to the 2011 independence of South Sudan appear to have amputated a 36-year old man whose right hand was used to create the symbol for separation during the 2011 South Sudan Independence Referendum that resulted in the split of that Sudan.

The man, who sought refuge in the Embassy of South Sudan in Khartoum, claims the amputation took place shortly after the official declaration of South Sudan’s independence in July 2011. He said he was too intimidated and traumatized to come forward at that time, as the perpetrators were still keeping a close watch over him.

The ex-hand model claims he does not feel safe any more in the Sudan and has officially requested the Government of South Sudan, through its embassy in Khartoum, to grant him asylum or safe passage to a third country preferably the USA like the are doing for Mariam Yahya, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity.

“They blamed my hand for split… I pleaded that it was just a picture of my hand but they said there was something about my hand that made the Southerners vote for separation. So, just like that, they decided to chop it off,” he said showing what was left of it.

But the troubles did not stop there.

“I have become the joke of the area.. they constantly tease me, but I show them my amputated arm which I now use as a gigantic middle finger – I hope they like that symbol now

It is still unclear what has become of the ex-hand model. Both the South Sudanese Embassy in Khartoum and relatives of the man declined to comment on his whereabouts, or whether he plans to exhume the remains of the famous right hand and bury it in South Sudan.