UPDF worst South Sudan nightmare - the walking dead rebels
UPDF worst South Sudan nightmare – the walking dead rebels

BOR: UPDF positions in Bor – South Sudan – appear to have come under attack by what the spokesperson of the Ugandan army in South Sudan calls ‘dead rebels’; a revelation that could explain why the foreign army helping President Kiir is hinting its withdrawal from South Sudan.

The revelation was made through UPDF’s twitter account.

However, a member of the rebel SPLM-in-opposition in Addis Ababa refuted the claims saying they do not have any active dead rebels in the area and do not have anything to do with the attack.

“..this is very poor and irresponsible propaganda. The societies of South Sudan are not accustomed to the dead using guns, organising themselves and carrying out planned military attacks. Once in a while, the spirit of the dead can haunt someone like the case of the President and the spirit of Dr. John Garang….,” said the rebel official.

The official was referring to recent reports in which President of South Sudan is said to have recurring dreams in which the late Dr. Garang, his predecessor who died in a suspicious helicopter crash in 2005, strangles the life out of him.

The attack by the zombies could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile in the UPDF camp in Bor, a group of tipsy UPDF soldiers have been denied access to the internet for the rest of the weekend after a match in which Arsenal – the football team officially supported by the UPDF – lost 2 – 1 to Everton, almost caused a mini riot.

To Be Continued…
* In a effort to show Bor has returned to normalcy, the UPDF and the commissioner organized a rally in which Uganda Waragi was among the beverages to be consumed for free… we wonder