Futuristic new capital of South Sudan captured by new rebel group
Futuristic new capital of South Sudan captured by new rebel group

RAMCIEL: A new rebel group promising to have the solutions to the crisis in South Sudan has taken over Ramciel – the city planned to become South Sudan new capital city- and has declared it its operations headquarters as it joins the already messy arena of conflict.

The group has stressed its independence saying it is pledges allegiance to neither Salva Kiir nor Riek Machar but to the people of South Sudan. However, the leader of the group noted that it has provisions in its comprehensive solution for those who want to be identified as loyalist of either group.

General Malaak Manas, the leader of the new group, said the members of the group have been relatively active for some months. This official declaration, according to him, marks the beginning of a series of multi-faceted operations and activities aimed at restoring peace and harmony in South Sudan.

“We already have thousands of active soldiers who are masters of several disciplines waging war right now. The enemies do not know that yet be we are winning in every battle we have fought or are fighting right now.”

Social media, said the leader, will be one of their prime battle fields as they combat the bigger enemies such as ignorance and misinformation. Many generals of the new groups already have several donkey years of experience facebooking. This new war is going to be different.

Very little is known about Gen. Malaak Manas except that his Facebook page has over 1700 followers. His profile further states that he is a former Anya-nya 1 child soldier, a serial refugee (been tagged a refugee one too many times) and knows Karate, Taekwondo and several other dangerous words.

Ramciel, the city planned to become the new capital of the world’s newest nation, lies in the center of South Sudan. Although millions of dollars have already disappeared in the name of a project to prepare the city, not much has been said or heard about it. The capital city was supposed to move from Juba to this new futuristic city new year.

“There is nothing is Ramciel – that is the point!” Gen. Malaak said. “Except for a few cattle camps, and fences put by land grabbers who came here before the planners, there is nothing Juba has done here… But still, our declaration of this bloodless take over is to drive home a point.”