A militia police force to manage loot and bring order to the madness
A militia police force to manage spoils of war and bring order to the madness

NASIR: The White Army, the tribal militia group currently fighting against the organized forces of the republic of South Sudan, has announced the formation of a specialized ‘police-like’ unit tasked with management of looted resources, protection (or destruction) of public property like schools and hospitals and the general enforcement of the White-army cattle-rustling rules that have been modified to fight a national army.

According Capt. Tayin Bedeyin, a former South Sudan Police Service (SSPS) trainer, the move comes at a good time as the White Army prepares to attack and capture new territory and has learned from its pervious short-sightedness.

“This [war] is no longer like matching into a Murle cattle camp, destroying everything and stealing the cows… we destroyed a lot of bore wells that provided clean drinking water when we first went to Bor… that was not necessary”

That was not all.

“Those who returned from the frontlines came with mobile phones, plastics chairs, beds, money and many more stolen items… they refused to share with others who were left behind in the village like we used to when we used to steal cattle…. this has been an issue that the chiefs have also told us must stop,” he continued.

The police unit will also be expected to punish looters who steal more than a pre-determined lot and who have taken the habit of eating chicken – a taboo in the white army culture.

Depending on how this small dose of civility – and law and order – is received by the militia-group, another more advanced course in political orientation (and the political motives behind the armed struggle against the Juba regime) will be injected to a selected few.