The billboard that was due to be unveiled on Pag'am Amum trial date
The billboard that was due to be unveiled on Pag’an Amum trial date

JUBA: Vivacell, a South Sudanese telecoms company owned by Lebanon-based Fattouch Investment Group, has apologised for unveiling a series of new billboards that featured detained politician and SPLM Secretary-General Pag’an Amum  and contained advertisement slogans feared to be loaded with hidden messages.

The text “If you can’t text it, speak it…” printed on one of the billboards had been used in many occasions in the past. However, local officials say  the same slogans now carry a totally different meaning especially when a picture of a high profile political detainee like Pag’an Amum is attached to it.

The billboards were due to be simultaneously unveiled in 6 of the 10 South Sudanese States on Monday – the same date Pag’an Amum was due to appear in court for trumped up treason charges.

According to the apology that was sms-ed to a selected few subscribers by the mobile network provider, the new biboards were meant to mark the start of a new SMS campaign and had nothing to do drumming up support for Pag’an Amum.

Vivacell is known to print all its advertisement material in Georgia. How the picture of Pagan Amum ended up on the billboard is still a mystery, but like many things it South Sudan, someone has already been blamed for it.

Pag’an Amum, along with three other politicians, will appear this week in court to face treason charges.