ROKON: The Government of South Sudan is finalising plans to launch a highly sophisticated technical department tasked with internet censorship with a particularly focus on social media, news websites, blogs and discussion forums, Saakam has learned.

The department, code-named Government of South Sudan Internet Protection (GOSSIP) Unit, will also have a unit dedicated to monitoring and collecting telecom data.

Chatting over Skype from an undisclosed location in Juba – South Sudan, an agent of GOSSIP told Saakam that the GOSSIP agents have started collecting data and monitoring social media sites for quite sometime now.

“Our agents have been active – or online as we like to call it – for quite sometime now. We are confident that when we launch officially, we shall bring some order to the craziness that enters and leaves South Sudan through the internet.”

In the past, the government had expressed concern about the lack of control on what is circulated and discussed in the internet.

“We are currently facing some difficulties with recruitment, legit operating systems and anti-virus software, and people who not only write but also speak computer languages.

“But once that is sorted, we will be cruising faster than the internet speeds that we have in Juba,” said the agent who got trained in China and speaks fluent Chinese and COBOL.